31 August 2014

i might be crazy, but... wait. there's no but.

I am laughing at myself again.  I try to have a sense of humor about myself, because then I am always close to a free source of entertainment.  Here's my latest laugh: I am so over my daily tasks.  Laundry, I'm lookin' at you.  Cleaning: always over that one. Even cooking can cease to be a joy and become a chore if I'm in the wrong mindset.

However, one of my automatic places to "relax" is Pinterest.  Where I gaze dreamily at beautiful laundry rooms, unlikely recipes with outlandish ingredients, and "31 tricks for cleaning your house fast."  I just think that's funny- to relax from my "job," I look at pictures of what other people have done at the same job.  It's like a bookkeeper looking at other people's charts and spreadsheets and saying, "Ooooh- nice font on that one! And is that recycled paper?"

Surely if well-lit digital photos related to my tasks makes them more appealing, focusing on the people for which I do them should do that even more.  Or perhaps remembering the grace I'm given to HAVE food to cook, clothes to clean, etc. should stop my grumbling in its tracks.  For a funnier pondering of the gift of our lot in life, read this:
Glennon's give me liberty or give me debt

Anyhoo.  Tomorrow is Labor Day.  Don't get me started on the shock to my system the ending of summer has been to me, this year.  Instead, enjoy pictures of my older two on their first day.  Because although the first day hits me hard, I still like to record it for posterity.  A la Pinterest, of course.