20 June 2013

line 'em up, knock 'em down

C has graduated from innocently exploring the world around him, to actively trying to get into things, including things he understands are off limits.  Like the water in the toilet.  And the top of the kitchen table (via the kitchen chairs). And the street.  So the fact that I was describing him as "high maintenance" a few weeks ago now seems like a crazy joke.  As in, I turned my back long enough to help the older kids start a video on youtube about backyard birdwatching, and within thirty seconds I turned around and C was on his hands and knees on the table, happily banging a serrated steak knife on a dinner plate. Cue the twinkle in his eye and dimple on his cheek.  Sheesh! He's so cute and joyful all. the. time. So it's hard to be overly frustrated.  I'm just getting used to a different gear, and getting used to tipping all the kitchen chairs over when they are not in use.  And then standing them back up when F and G need to use the table. Over. And over.

This is all good because it's natural exercise, right?

This week our memory verse* is Romans 12:18- "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, be at peace with everyone." This was particularly directed at G, who has trouble handling the presence of little sister and who has been heard saying things to F like, "You can't be in this room.  Just go away." Not about his room; about the family room. So, yeah, we're working on the whole sibling thing, still.

Life is full right now.  Earwigs and ants, swimming pool trips, sprinkler fun, park dates, G's week-long summer class, birdwatching, and all the usual shopping, cleaning, cooking, and laundry.  Legos and dolls and balls and bats and ice cream.  And the feeling, so strong, that wells up in me is, "This is beautiful.  This is the good life."  How long this season will last I don't know, but I want to stare at everything and soak it in.  I want to laugh at the funny and laugh at the frustrating because it is all sooo good. I plopped down by the hubs last night as we watched Black Hawks hockey on TV, eating homemade guacamole (successful attempt at copying Chipotle's recipe, as per Craig's request) and the kids were all fast asleep and the dishes caught up, and I said, "We are livin' the dream!" Because we are, and that's no less true given our imperfections and the world's griefs.  There are so many things that I want to be "better" but I won't sell out the joy of the present.  Pass the chips.

*This would seem to imply that we do a new memory verse weekly.  Not so.  I meant, every once in a blue moon I remember to do a memory verse, and this is one of those weeks!
A friend who likes to play dolls!? Yes, please!

Sprinkler = joy.

She may not have a super soaker, but she knows how to dominate a water fight. With her toddler brother.

Handle broke on the bucket.  Can't believe it!

What is this strange happy contraption in our yard flinging water!?  I must squeal with delight!